The Coaching Process

As a Certified Behavior Change Specialist and Holistic Wellness Life Coach, I help my clients develop, meet, and exceed goals in their personal and professional lives through utilizing the Peace Benefits Dimensions of Wellness Model. Changing behaviors begins with changing your thoughts, and you need a process to be successful at changing both.

Coaching is a professional, supportive, co-creative relationship, where both coach and client collaborate to form an action plan to reach new personal and professional goals. Celebrities, business leaders, politicians, and professional athletes have utilized coaches to help them reach their full potential. My credentials, experience, and expertise from thirty plus years of working in the health and wellness industry enable me to offer my clients a unique skill set rarely found in the coaching profession.

Effective coaching is an involved and in-depth process, which requires both the coach and client to show up to each session prepared, focused, and on-time in order to achieve the goals of the client. All coaching sessions through Peace Benefits will be performed under the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Standards of Ethical Conduct.

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  • Peace Benefits Coaching Process Step 1

    Upon agreeing to work together, we will schedule our first session where you will determine your objectives for precisely what you as a client would like to accomplish from coaching under the Peace Benefits Dimensions of Wellness Model. These goals can be short-term, long-term, or both in nature.

  • Peace Benefits Coaching Process Step 2

    You’ll next be asked to take one or more assessments to better understand yourself and your choices in life. These tests have proven successful in helping people uncover traits about themselves they never knew existed, provide a thorough examination into your choices, as predicated by both your conscious and subconscious behaviors.

  • Peace Benefits Coaching Process Step 3

    We’ll carefully evaluate your assessment findings. This information is crucial in providing a roadmap for the coaching process next steps. We’ll delve further into the barriers, obstacles, and behaviors that are keeping you from maximizing your full potential and realizing your goals.

  • Peace Benefits Coaching Process Step 4

    We’ll tailor a specific action plan by setting SMART goals for you to begin achieving your breakthroughs.

  • Peace Benefits Coaching Process Step 5

    You choose from either a one month or three-month coaching package to begin accomplishing your goals. All coaching sessions will be 60 minutes in duration and will be done once per week by phone, or through an online meeting platform.

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