“Rob has given me a fresh, creative and genuine insight into my life. I travel a lot, and he’s always been flexible in coaching around my schedule, regardless of the country and time zone I’m in. Everyone needs a coach, and everyone needs a Rob! I’m glad I have his help, discernment, and direction!”

– Ganon Baker, Global Professional Basketball Development Coach

“I have known Rob for many years during his career in the health and fitness industry. This includes both his time as a successful health club operator and sales manager for some of the most iconic brands in the fitness industry. My time spent coaching with Rob has enabled me to see my life and career through new eyes. He’s helped me realize a more hopeful vision, one where I’ve been able to effect real change and gain more freedom in my life. Thank you, Rob, for helping me open the door to a new direction in my life!”

– Dan H

“I began working with Rob Killen in April 2020. I sought out Rob’s help after hearing about his website, Peacebenefits.com, from a close friend. I did this as part of a journey of self-discovery and improvement which began about 6 months previously. I found the PeaceBenefits website to be very well structured and it offered some great free tools which were useful to me. In addition to the tools, I was able to contact Rob directly and arrange for a short conversation. I can truly say this conversation was a step forward on my personal journey. Rob is easy to talk with and superb at offering advice on life, spirituality, and many topics pertaining to health and wellness.

This conversation led to me completing an emotional intelligence assessment called the EQi-2.0. The assessment was extremely useful to me in pointing out my strengths and weaknesses as a leader, a father, and a husband. Rob and I then used this as a springboard for further discovery and coaching on how to build on my opportunities for improvement while maintaining my strong areas. Rob worked with me as a coach and advisor to help me realize my greater potential. My greatest revelation in this process was Rob seemingly lifting a veil from my eyes to understand I already had the tools and knowledge I needed to be a better leader, but I had not put them into action and made them a habitual part of my life.

Rob has a superb ability to coach and inspire people to look inward and manifestly improve themselves in all facets of their work and personal life. My outlook on life, leadership skills, and relationships have all improved. BRAVO Rob and Thanks!”

– Marty Plumleigh

“Rob is an incredible coach! I came to him with the intent of focusing solely on improving my EQ in my professional life, however, he helped me understand how my professional and personal lives overlap and that EQ is just as important outside of work, especially when it comes to keeping my peace. I truly enjoyed talking to him and he pointed out a number of things I can continue to work on to improve myself to be the best version of me. I never felt rushed to wrap up and end the sessions and I think that was so important in making me feel valued. I would recommend Rob’s services to anyone looking for guidance on how to improve EQ and feel more at peace!”

– Kelly Pineda

“It’s taken me a while to write this review because I struggle to put it into words exactly what the coaching experience is like. Prior to coaching, I had tried counseling. I noticed in a lot of my therapy sessions, we spent a lot of time looking at the past. What I really wanted was to look forward to the future and self-actualization. That is what Rob at Peace Benefits helped me achieve with coaching. He helped me feel more empowered, appreciate/value myself more, and recognize my own self-worth. I went from thinking things like, for example, ‘if I lose weight, I will be happy’ to ‘if I’m happy, I will lose weight.’ It seems like a simple shift in mindset, but it really has been life-changing for me. I don’t use those words lightly. I’m not somebody who writes a review unless I truly mean it. I had such an amazing experience and truly thankful for what I gained. Rob really helped me through a hard time and set me on the right track!!!”

– Lauren Ziegler

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