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Rob Killen writes to inspire, uplift, motivate, and educate. Rob’s articles have been featured on CBN and in Faith and Fitness Magazine. Rob enjoys writing, learning, coaching, and training on all things related to health and wellness, emotional intelligence, mindset, and behavior change.

Here’s Why Vegans Struggle with Losing Weight

So you switched to vegan to be healthier and lose weight, but you've actually gained weight since you began. Here's why vegans have a hard time wit losing weight ...
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Keto Diet Scam

20 Reasons Keto Stinks and is the Biggest Diet Scam of All-Time

By Rob Killen Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard plenty about the ketogenic (keto) diet over the past few years. Keto advocates tout it as a great way to lose weight, have more energy, and maintain a sharper focus. I don't disagree, but I still think it's ...
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Christian Life Coach

What Does it Mean to Exercise Godly Wisdom and Discernment?

By Rob Killen with Peace Benefits Who and where do you turn to in times of trouble, uncertainty, or when facing a difficult decision? Many people seek advice from friends and family and leave God out of the decision-making process. For those who seek God out through prayer and meditation, ...
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Emotional Intelligence Training

6 Behaviors in Email Etiquette That Speak Volumes About Your Emotional Intelligence

By Rob Killen with Peace Benefits Emotional intelligence (EI) is a set of emotional and social skills that collectively establish our capacity to perceive, assess, and manage our emotions and the emotions of others. EI is necessary to express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges, and improve ...
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Weight Loss Palm Beach County

6 Reasons Weight Training Helps Us Look Younger

Weight training has evolved tremendously over the past several decades. As crazy as it sounds today, up until the 1960s many football coaches forbid their players to lift weights because they thought weight training would be detrimental to their quickness, speed, and flexibility. Times have certainly changed for the better ...
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Rob Killen

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