Holistic Wellness and Nutrition Coaching

Holistic Wellness is a level of self-care that encompasses the whole person – body, mind, spirit, and emotions – and is considered ideal for those seeking to achieve the optimal level of health.

As a Certified Life Coach, I help my clients in addressing all the key areas to live a life of balance, purpose, peace, health, and happiness. I call these key areas the Peace Benefits®.

Holistic Wellness
Holistic Wellness

Certified Nutrition Coaching and Weight Loss Services

Toxic thoughts and toxic foods do more harm to our minds and bodies than anything else on earth. As a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Nutrition Coach, I developed an entire system of foundational principles I’ve successfully used for over 30 years to maintain a healthy body. When it comes to weight loss, you need a process by which to change. It’s not enough to have a goal and the motivation to lose weight. I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned to sustain your weight loss for life. No gimmicks, no unhealthy fad diets. I teach people about healthy, balanced, whole foods nutrition.

Never go on another diet again. Learn why most diets fail and how to eat healthy for the rest of your life, without resorting to ultra-restrictive and unbalanced eating habits that aren’t sustainable. The more variety you have with incorporating healthy food choices, the more satisfied you’ll feel while on the plan, and you’ll be less likely to succumb to the boredom and monotony that causes most people to give up before reaching their weight loss goal.

You need to eat carbohydrates EVERY day, and you can also occasionally enjoy some of your favorite foods and beverages. Healthy eating requires dedication, preparation, consistency, and discipline, but it’s the one way that’s guaranteed to work in keeping you at a healthy body weight for the rest of your life.

In addition to one-on-one Certified Nutrition Coaching with Rob, Peace Benefits is proud to offer additional nutritional support and education through KK Wellness Consulting. KK Wellness is owned and operated by Rob’s wife, Kelly Killen. Our team of coach clinicians has helped thousands of people lose weight. Serving clients around the globe, KKW offers one-on-one nutrition coaching, individualized meal plans, and educational courses on a variety of nutrition topics.

Additionally, KKW offers a VIP Subscription for only $7.99 a month (or $79 for a full year), as well as 8-Week Body Transformation contests several times a year where we award thousands of dollars in prize money! The KKW community is one of the most amazing and supportive environments found online for encouragement, support, expertise, and motivation in helping our clients maintain and sustain their weight loss and body transformation goals. KKW is science-based and data-driven. Learn more at KKWellnessConsulting.com and KKWMember.com

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